Biographical Notes

Born and raised in rural Western Australia, I have lived in the United Kingdom, the U.S.A. and permanently reside in Oakville, Ontario with my husband and two children. I chose an Art Major while earning a degree in Education and later went on to pursue an Associate Diploma in Fine Arts. My painting style has evolved and changed; influenced by the places I have lived and travelled, from my early childhood in rural Australia, to my trips throughout Europe and North America.

Most recently, I have been seduced by the changing colours of the seasons in Canada. I am inspired by turbulent skies and varied landscapes, images that form the basis for my artwork. My paintings reflect feeling and emotion; my techniques alternating between using texture and layering washes of colour to create mood and atmosphere through my art. Each piece evolves as an exploration of subject matter and techniques coincide. Painting predominantly in oils, I introduce wax and alkyd mediums to pursue new methods and finishes in my works

You can find my Artwork in private collections throughout Australia, the U.S.A. and Canada.