My paintings are inspired by remembered places, scenes and landscapes; the subject matter ranges from lakes and beaches with turbulent skies, to vibrant abstract florals.  Sometimes I become more interested in the shapes and colours in a painting rather than the subject that inspired it and a new and exciting abstraction is created. Most recently in my paintings I have been exploring mixed media, quickly building layers of colours in acrylic, drawing back into the work with charcoal before switching to a palette knife to apply oil and wax in restful shades of grey, blue and earthy tones that have become synonymous with my  work. I work quite intuitively, with no preconceived notion, building and removing layers to reveal other colours beneath. The final result is created by contrasting surface textures with translucent colour glazes, the paintings resulting in a harmonious quality, like that of the remembered landscapes which inspired them. The end result is always to try to communicate a sense of calm and tranquility in my work.